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If you're wondering what is M.U.G.E.N then -
Mugen is a software that enables you to create 2D fighting games like mortal kombat, tekken, king of fighters etc easily. You can play mugen using your pc with windows or Linux, playstation 2 and xbox. The best place to download mugen engine is at elecbyte official website at elecbyte.com. The site of elecbyte hosts the latest version of hi res winmugen. The best place to download naruto-mugen characters free is here :)

So if you are a mugen player or fan of mugen) and want to download good'n rare Naruto Characters then you have come to the right spot!
and BTW thanks for voting excellent for this site.. whoever voted excellent.
At this time im kinda busy so i won't be able to add much characters.
I'll become free of work the next month so ill be adding many more rare and good naruto chars here.
Till then please keep visiting.

Best Regards.

The Dude's Youtube Channel.
Here's an Example[part 1 to this guy's special move tutorial(specifically the hadouken)] :

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